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LGT8F328P-SSOP20 MiniEVB Arduino Pro Mini Replacement


LGT8F328P-SSOP20 MiniEVB Arduino Pro Mini Replacement

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LGT8F328P-SSOP20 MiniEVB Arduino Pro Mini Replacement
8F328P-U MCU used by the LGT8F328P, is an Atmel MEGA328P compatible chip.
LGT8F328P  architecture No Design Is Relatively New, Stronger Far Than Functions decreases in peripheral Tools Atmel MEGA328. Especially the program encryption ability is far more than MEGA328.

LGT8F328P  Can Use 5V Power Supply 3V3 And Running At 16M Frequency, Level Excellent Compatibility.

  • A Built-In High-Precision the RC, No External crystal Back Can Be Stable Operation.
  • Less And decreases in peripheral instrument parts, Circuit Design Is Simple.
  • 12-bit ADC (analog-to-digital conversion)
  • On Board DAC
  • Owned Inventory the GUID (Unique own ID) Can Be For on used chip solutions Encryption Program.
  • A Built-In .internal 1.024V / 2.048V / 4.096V ± 1% Calibratable Source Reference voltage software.
  • The PWM pin adapter Number: the D3, the D5, the D6, the D9, the D10, D11.
  • MCU LGT8F328P
  • FLASH 32Kbytes
  • SRAM 2Kbytes
  • E2PROM 0K / 1K / 2K / 4K / 8K (FLASH Share)
  • PWM 8
  • Frequency 16MHz (Maximum 32MHz)
  • ADC 6 passageway12 position
  • DAC 1passageway8 position
  • UART 1
  • TWI (I2C) YES
  • Internal benchmark 1.024V / 2.048V / 4.096V ± 0.5%
  • System logic level Factory 3V3 (switch from pad to 5V)


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