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IR PIR LED Motion Sensor


A PIR motion sensor is used to detect the presence and motion of people, animals, and other objects. 220V infrared motion detector adopts a high-sensitivity detector and integrates circuits and SMT.

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IR PIR LED Motion Sensor

  • Easy to install.
  • Automatic, convenient, safe, and practical.
  • It has the functions of power and detection indication.
  • The motion sensor can identify day and night automatically.
  • It has a broad detection range composed of up and down and left and right service fields.
  • This product is a new type of energy-saving lighting switch.
  • It adopts a high-sensitivity detector and integrates circuits and SMT.
  • It uses infrared rays from human motion as control signal sources.
  1. Color:  Black
  2. Material: ABS
  3. Working Rotation: 180 Degree
  4. Voltage: 85V–265V, 110V–220V
  5. Standard: LVD, EMC, CE, RoHS
  6. IP Rating: Indoor Application IP 44
  7. Adjustable lux setting of 2-2000 lux svr
  8. Size: As shown in the picture.
  9. Time for induction lighting: 5-6 minutes, adjustable
  10. Detection distance: approx. 12 m, installation height: 1.5–2.5 m
  • Blue color: negative line (-)
  • Brown color: live wire (+)
  • Red: ground wire

NoteFor the 220V motion sensor, you just provide 220V voltage to the sensor; you don’t need the driver.


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