Soldering Flux Paste Grease 50G


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Soldering Flux Paste Grease 50G, soldering may be performed with more precision and control.
In the presence of flux, solder will readily flow.
Improves productivity and saves time while soldering by making it easier to direct the flow of solder to specific areas.
Facilitates the formation of permanent mechanical and electrical connections when soldered.
Coating the solder junction in this way protects it from corrosion.
Application Strategy: Soldering For easier soldering, a paste flux is employed. Solder can then form clean, oxidation-free joints that are both mechanically and electrically stable. As a wetting agent, it improves solder flow and overall soldering performance.

Soldering Flux Paste Grease 50G Specification:

  • The Soldering Brand Paste
  • Type:50g
  • In appearance, it resembles the buttery paste. Superior weld strength, neutral PH, resistance to insulation, and a smooth welding surface. Flux welding on the chip level, for use in mobile phones, PC cards, and other high-tech electronic devices.
  • One, it is highly effective flux.
  • Second, no corrosive IC and PCB components.
  • At 3, it’s just above the solder’s melting point and below its boiling point.


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