Solar Light PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Water Proof


Solar Light PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Water Proof

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Solar Light PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Water Proof

. Solar panel power: 5.5V, 0.55W
. Lithium battery: 3.7V-1200mAh
.LED: 100 high-brightness 2835 lamp beads imported from Taiwan, color temperature 6000-6500K
. Material: Brand new ABS plastic
. Working mode: infrared human body induction
. Charging time: >8 hours
. Working hours: fully charged once, light up 50 times per night, can work continuously for 4 days
. Smart standby power: <0.05mAh
. Packing size: 130*102*55mm

Main Features:
. LED lamp bead: It has high efficiency, power saving, long life, energy saving, environmental protection, explosion-proof, cold lighting, suitable for use in various places.
. Two-in-one design: human body induction and light control induction two-in-one design, with high sensitivity, anti-interference and fast response.
. Solar charging: charging and storing electricity during the day, lighting at night.
. Long working hours: It can be used for more than 10 hours of lighting during the day.
. Waterproof: Waterproof grade IP65, heat resistant and durable.



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