USB 2.0 Female Socket-DIP 2.54mm 4P Adapter Board


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USB 2.0 Female Socket-DIP 2.54mm 4P Adapter Board. Now mobile phone charging cable has been seen everywhere, almost everyone has it. USB 2.0 Female Socket-DIP

The USB 2.0 Female Socket-DIP 2.54mm 4P Adapter Board is a versatile and essential component in electronics, designed to facilitate easy integration of USB connectivity into various electronic projects. The USB 2.0 standard ensures high-speed data transmission, making it suitable for applications where rapid data transfer is essential.

The 2.54mm pitch 4P design allows for straightforward integration into standard breadboards or PCBs, providing a secure and stable connection. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineers working on prototyping or custom projects.

With four pins, the adapter board supports the fundamental USB connections – power (VCC), ground (GND), and data lines (D+ and D-). This simplicity aids in easy configuration and connection to microcontrollers or other electronic components.

Package included:
1 x adapter board


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