Water Filter 8mm/12mmAgri Pump


The Water Filter nozzle are available in two sizes.

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    • For Pipe Hole 8mm
    • Dust-Free Water
    • Filter Water of DC 12V Pump Sucking Dust and Waste
    • Use anywhere in any Pump
    • Waste-free water

      Water Filter 8mm/12mm Agri Pump

      • Usability: This water pump filter is an accessory for the water inlet and for the microwave pump. The hose has an inner diameter of 7 mm or 10 mm.
      • Function: This micro pump filter can effectively prevent the blocking of pumps suitable for micro pumps, water pumps, submersible pumps, etc.
      • Wide application: it can be used in many places and is suitable for aquariums, sprayers, car washes, winemaking, food filtration, etc.
      • High-quality: The water pump hose net consists of a filter net made of stainless steel and a plastic frame. It is highly effective and professional. It is excellent to use, has a high intensity, and is rust-resistant.
      • 100% Satisfaction Experience: If there are quality problems with our water pump filter, please contact us, and we promise a redelivery or refund.
      • Nozzle size: 8mm, 12mm



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