T5146.5 CW CCW 5.1inch 3 Blade


Material: German Bayer PC ,Diameter of prop: 5.1inch Center Thickness: 7mm Center hole inner diameter: 5mm POPO ,German bayer adopted higt hardness.

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Material: German Bayer PC; Diameter of prop: 5.1 inches; Center Thickness: 7mm. Center hole inner diameter: 5mm POPO, the German bear, adopted high hardness.

  • PC material, shock resistance, long service life. Smooth and powerful, easy to turn, and fast-responsive T5146.5 CW/CCW 5.1-inch 3-Blade Dalprop Cyclone propellers DALPROP Cyclone Blade Specs: Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mm Usage: 5.1 or greater frame
  • Material: Bayer Polycarbonate
  • Color: Random
  • POPO Compatible: Yes

Package Include:

  • 2x T5146.5 Racing CW Propellers
  • 2x T5146.5 Racing CCW Propellers


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