Mini Grinding Stone Polishing set


A mini grinding stone polishing set is a set of tools and accessories that can be used to polish gemstones, rocks, jewelry, glass, ceramics and other materials. It usually consists of a rotary tool with different attachments, such as diamond burr bits, polishing pads, sanding discs and buffing wheels. It may also include a mini table saw, a flexible shaft and a polishing compound.


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Miniature 7-Piece Abrasive Polishing Stone Grinding Stone Polishing Set If your bench grinder has a flex shaft, this little grinding wheel is a convenient replacement wheel.

Polishing gemstones, rocks, jewelry, glass, ceramics, and other materials requires a range of specialized equipment and accessories. Equipment includes a rotary tool and various bits, pads, discs, and wheels for polishing, sanding, and buffing.
Excellent for finalizing and primary polishing of porcelain dental workpieces.
There are two types of small wheels: knife edge and straight edge.

  • Inside Diameter
  • 20mm Dia: 2.2mm
  • A 3.2mm thickness.

Package Included:

1 x Mini Grinding Stone Polishing set



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