Set of 4Wheel 30mm Rubber Tires Toy


Set of Wheel 30 mm Rubber Tires

2*30mm fine weaving rubber wheels work well

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Set of 4Wheel 30mm Rubber Tires Toy Small rubber wheels, typically measuring 30 millimeters in diameter, sold in sets of four for use on toy cars, trucks, and other miniature vehicles.

Tires are normally constructed from long-lasting, high-traction rubber compounds that can handle a wide range of road conditions. Because of this, you may use them on any surface, whether it’s smooth or rough.Two sets of thirty millimeter rubber wheels with delicate weaving tread perform admirably.

  • 30 mm in diameter
  • The diameter of the opening is around 1.9 mm (very close to 2 mm each axle).
  • About 10.5mm in height
  • Approximate 3.5 gram(a) weight
  • Synthetic Rubber and Plastic


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