High Torque DC Motor 3V


High Torque DC Motor 3V

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A high torque DC motor is an electric motor that operates on direct current and has the ability to produce a significant amount of torque or rotational force. The torque of a DC motor is determined by the strength of the magnetic field produced by the motor’s stator and rotor, as well as the current flowing through the windings.

In the case of a 3V high torque DC motor, the motor is designed to operate with a voltage of 3 volts. This type of motor is often used in applications where a relatively high amount of torque is required, such as robotics, automation, and other industrial applications.

  • Operating voltage 1.5 to 4.5V DC
  • Two flat sides make the motor ideal for mounting on a PCB
  • Rotates counter-clockwise when viewed from shaft end
  • Solder tag termination


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