High Torque 12Volt DC Gear Motor


High Torque 12Volt DC Gear Motor

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High Torque 12Volt DC Gear Motor What is a DC gear motor? A gear motor is an all-in-one combination of a motor and gearbox. The addition of a gear head to a motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output. This increases the torque and reduces the speed for use in electronic devices that require different speeds.

This is a high-torque DC gear motor providing 32 kN-m of torque. The motor generates a low RPM, which is ideal for making grippers that can pick and place heavy objects with greater accuracy.

Features of a 150 RPM High Torque 12 Volt DC Gear Motor:

  • 150 RPM 12V DC motors with a metal gearbox and metal gears
  • 18000 RPM base motor.
  • M3 thread hole on a 6 mm diameter shaft.
  • The gearbox diameter is 37 mm.
  • Motor Diameter: 28.5 mm
  • length of 63 mm without the shaft.
  • The shaft length is 30 mm.
  • 180gm weight.
  • 32 kg/cm2 of torque.
  • No-load current = 800 mA; load current = up to 7.5 A (max).

Application of 150 RPM High Torque:

  • These types of DC gear motors are normally used in robotics applications.

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Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions1.11 × 1.11 × 1.1 cm


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